There are many benefits to volunteering with the PMI Rochester Chapter.

    • You can earn up to 25 PDUs per cycle for volunteering with the PMI Rochester Chapter. 

    • You make a difference in the PMI Rochester Chapter by helping your fellow members and the Project Management professional community throughout the Rochester and Ithaca regions.  

    • You learn new project management skills in the process as well as have the opportunity to share your knowledge and experiences.

    • It's a great way to meet new people in your profession and to network!  

    The key to any effective organization is individuals who are committed to the common mission. The PMI Rochester Chapter has been fortunate to have many capable and motivated people participating in building and maintaining the chapter from the early days through to our most recent accomplishments.

    As volunteers lead such PMI Rochester, run by volunteers and utilizes volunteers for most of the tasks needed to make it the organization that it is.

    If you are interested in serving as a volunteer for the PMI Rochester Chapter, there are volunteer opportunities that range from assisting with event planning to work supporting the chapter website to serving our project management community as a member of the board.  Many positions require as little as two to four hours per month.  The amount of time that you spend as a volunteer is up to you and your availability.  It is through the dedication of our volunteers that a 700+ member organization can remain strong!

    SHARE YOUR PASSION with others by considering serving one of these open volunteer positions today!

    Director of Corporate Outreach

    Reporting to the VP of Outreach the Director of Corporate Outreach is responsible developing and implementing a Corporate Outreach strategy for the Chapter.  Specific duties to include:

    • Organizing the Executive Leadership Forum at the PDD in collaboration with local corporations.

    • Manage and promote the annual Project of the Year Award activities.

    • Recruit and develop Corporate Ambassadors: PMI Rochester members that work at local companies that will act as liaisons and promoters of the chapter to the chapter members in their respective organization.

    • Developing new initiatives to increase the awareness of our chapter and the project management profession to local businesses

    Commitment:      8-10 hours/month (estimate)
    Term: 1 Year (minimum)

    Director of Recruitment (New)

    The Director of Recruitment is responsible for the development and administration of a formal member and volunteer recruitment program.  Specific duties would include:

    • Recruitment of new members

    • Recruitment of volunteers

    • Development of a formal program to support both member and volunteer recruitment:

      • Process, Structure, Guidelines, Templates, and Communications

    • Collaborate with the Directors of Membership/Member Services and Volunteers to ensure effective hand-off of recruitments to their respective functions.

    • Must attend all monthly chapter meetings and the annual Professional Development Day.

    Commitment:      4 – 8 hours/month (estimate)
    Term:  1 Year (minimum)

    Director of Membership / Member Services

    Reporting to the VP of Membership, the Director of Membership/Member Services will manage and maintain the chapter membership database, the new member welcome program, and membership sign-ups and renewals.  Some of the duties you will perform are as follows:

    •        Sending welcome letters/emails to first-time members.

    •        Develop and automate membership notifications for events such as a renewal thank you, expired/exit surveys, new member welcome/survey, recognition of newly certified members

    •        Develop programs to limit member attrition and encourage member growth

    •        Report membership statistics to chapter leadership

    •        Oversee recognition of years of membership and volunteer service

    •        Formalize a New Member Welcome Program

    Commitment:   8 – 12 hours/month (estimate)
    Term: 1 Year (minimum)

    Director of Technology

    Reports to the VP of Marketing & Communications.  Specific duties to include:

    •        Assess technologies that are being used today in PMI ROC and document (annually)

    •        Assess what value these technologies bring to the chapter and provide report (annually)

    •        Provide direction and recommendations of what technologies should be discarded

    •        Gather requirements from the board and volunteers to learn where there are opportunities

    •        Research and recommend new technologies that help grow the chapter based on requirements

    •        Help adoption when new technologies are brought in

    Deliverables include:

    •        Technology assessment matrix

    •        Requirements document

    •        Recommendations report

    •        Execute on decisions from the board to bring in new technologies

    •        Adoption plans, roll out, training

    Commitment: 8 – 10 hours/month (estimate)
    Term:  1 Year (minimum)

    Director, Documentation & Administration

    Reporting to the VP of Governance, the Director of Documentation & Administration is required to attend the monthly board meetings and is responsible for preparing, maintaining, recording, circulating all records, correspondence, minutes of meetings, and related affairs of the chapter.  Specific duties and deliverables include:

    • Responsible for the safe keeping of all governing documents (approved Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Charter Agreement, Board Policies, Committee Charters, and all other nonfinancial records for the Chapter)

    • Coordinate and distribute meeting agendas, keep the records of all business meetings of the chapter and meetings of the board.

    • Maintain all meeting minutes - must document in accordance with parliamentary procedures as determined by the Board

    • Notice of all annual meetings shall be sent to all members at least 10 – 15 days in advance of the meeting. Action at such meetings shall be limited to those agenda items contained in the notice of the meeting.

    • Coordinate distribution of all board general correspondence

    • Provide support for membership communication

    • Assure that board members are attending board meetings as appropriate and consistent with bylaws. Tracking of attendance

    Commitment:  4 – 6 hours/month (estimate)
    Term:   1 Year (minimum)


    Director of Scholarships & Grants

    Reporting to the VP of Governance, the Director of Scholarships & Grants assists the Chapter members with applying for PMIER grants/scholarships based on the simplified process developed for the Rochester Chapter members available via the Chapter website.  The Director of Scholarships & Grants will work with the VP of Outreach to understand what the needs and gaps are for the members with regard to Professional Development and incorporate those needs into the above-mentioned process.  Additionally, the Director of Scholarships & Grants manages the oversight of grants and awards.  Specific duties and deliverables include:

    • Identify additional grants

    • Work with and outreach to companies for assistance

    • Fundraising 

    • Administratively write grants including the program objective, proposal, design, and budget.

    • Support chapter members by filling gaps that PMIEF does not fill

    • Manage and Administer the Rochester Chapter Grants program twice a year (Summer and Fall) as per the documented process.

    • Work with the VP of Marketing/Communications to promote Grants program via newsletter & other social media outlets such as PMI Rochester Facebook page, LinkedIn etc. as well as announce the dates for receiving grant applications, reviewing them and declaring a winner as per the documented process

    • Recruit volunteers to help review Grant Applications

    • Work with the committee of volunteers to review applications, weigh them as per the matrix & pick a winner and amount of Grant.

    • Present to the Board any findings/process improvements for implementing either in the current year or the following year.

    Commitment 5 - 7 hours/month (estimate)
    Term:  1 Year (minimum)



    For more information contact Porchia Stewart, Director of Volunteers, at volunteers@pmirochester.org.


    Updated: 08/09/2017